Kiosk Lockdown App for Android

Our Android kiosk app makes it easy to run your device in kiosk mode

Powerful features that you need

Remotely manage your devices from the dashboard

Deploy thousands of devices with ease

Restrict users to only one app or a set of specific apps

Prevent users from installing or using unwanted apps

Allow user access to only specific websites

Collect data usage with advanced analytics

Save data cost and increase productivity

Easy to use & no programming required

Types of Kiosk Lockdown App

Following are different use-case of our Android Kiosk App

Features of MobiLock Pro

Powerful kiosk lockdown app features that are right for your business

Our Kiosk Lockdown Software is perfect for

MobiLock kiosk app is being used across different industry verticals


Manage your freight safely and securely by turning down your company-owned devices into kiosk mode and preventing your drivers from accessing video streaming apps or games while on job.


Replacing your paper menu with tablets can bring a desirable change in your restaurants. Converting these tablets into kiosks on the restaurant tables lets the customers order the food by themselves.


Integrating Tablets as POS system using MobiLock Pro is ideal for entrepreneurs to monitor their staff’s work in real time which will benefit them in maintaining their productivity.


Teachers can control device settings and restrict the use of apps during class to ensure that only lesson relevant material is being accessed and that the device is used to focus the students, rather than distract them from the class.

Have control on your Android devices with MobiLock Pro.

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