Lock Android Tablet to One App Only

Use Cases of Single App Mode

Restaurant Kiosks

Display Kiosks in Retail Store

Digital Signage in Airports

Patient Check-in Kiosks

Student Kiosk System

Securing Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Information Kiosks at Government Institutes

Interactive Kiosks in Amusement Parks and Museums

What is Single App Mode?

Single App Mode is a feature for managing devices that restrict the device to running only one app. When single app mode is enabled, the selected app/website will be displayed on the front screen.

Run Android Tablet in Single App Only

Running an Android app/website in single app mode ensures that users cannot exit/close that application


Our Kiosk Mode Features

MobiLock Pro is perfect for

MobiLock is being used across different industry verticals


Prevent your employees from using video stream apps or games on company-owned devices so that they remain focused on the job. You can also track the location of your devices in real-time.


Prevent your employees from playing games or browsing the web on the tablets used for taking orders from the customers so that the devices are used for specific purpose only.


You can lockdown your Android-based point of sales(POS) devices with MobiLock and restrict access to malicious apps. Secure your Kiosk displays and other mobile assets.


Restrict students from accessing unwanted apps, websites & device settings. Remotely distribute apps to students with MobiLock kiosk lockdown software.

Have control on your Android devices with MobiLock Pro.

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