Kiosk Lockdown Solution for Mobile CRM App & Software

With MobiLock Pro, you can manage & control company-owned Android devices used by your sales representatives, merchandisers and field agents at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Android MDM solution.

How Company-owned Android Devices are misused by sales representatives, merchandisers, and field agents?

Most of the companies provide Android tablets/phones with pre-installed Mobile CRM app to its sales representatives to collect contact information/account management, product presentations, tasks, meetings, reminders/follow-ups & reporting. However, these Android devices are prone to accidental or intentional misuse which leads to device malfunction, data loss, and the decrease in productivity. Hence organizations need to lock-down these devices with access to only specific applications (Mobile CRM App) and also restrict Android devices settings.

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With the help of MobiLock Pro Lock down company-owned Android device could run only Mobile CRM App(single app mode) or specific business related app & prevent access to other apps. It helps you to secure on-field mobile devices from being misuse, track device locations to enhance workforce productivity.


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Features of MobiLock Pro

Efficient way to streamline your mobile workflow

Verticals MobiLock Serve

MobiLock is being used across different industry verticals


Prevent your employees from using video stream apps or games on company-owned devices & You can also track the location of your devices in real-time with our web-based dashboard.


You can remotely lock down your Android-based point of sales (POS) devices with MobiLock and restrict access to unwanted malicious apps. Secure your Kiosk displays and other mobile assets.


Remotely upgrade apps on the devices via our dashboard & restrict staff from accessing unusual apps & websites which later helps companies reduce the device maintenance downtime.


Mobile workforces can easily deploy our app on devices and records any incidents when any field worker forcefully tries to swap SIM card or exit from the registered devices which later improves productivity.

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Now you can prevent misuse of Android tablets and smartphones by using MobiLock Pro which provides to your sales representatives , merchandisers and field agents.

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